Tesco Bank Personal Loans
  • Diverse loan options
  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Clubcard Holder benefits
  • Payment holidays
  • Joint loan option
  • Same-day funding
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Option to pay extra to reduce interest
  • No charges for early repayments
  • Soft-search facility
  • Restrictions for Non-Clubcard Holders
  • Good credit required for low rates

Managing your finances can be challenging, particularly when selecting the right loan for your needs. Tesco Bank, a renowned financial institution, provides a variety of loans tailored for diverse circumstances. 

This review offers an honest examination of Tesco Bank's loans.

Variety of Loan Types

Tesco Bank stands out for its wide array of loan types. Whether it's purchasing a new car, renovating your home, consolidating debt, planning a wedding, or funding a long-awaited holiday, they offer a loan tailored to your needs. This flexibility allows you to find a financial solution that aligns with your specific purpose.

Tesco Bank offers a range of personal loans, including:

  • Small Loans: £1,000 - £7,500
  • Large Loans: £7,500 - £35,000
  • Long Term Loans: Terms of 1-10 years for amounts of £15,000 - £25,000.

Below, we present a detailed breakdown of loan amounts, terms, and corresponding APRs, including exclusive rates for Clubcard holders. Whether you're looking to borrow a small or substantial amount, this table will help you make an informed decision.

Loan amountTerm (months)APRClubcard APR
£1,000 - £2,99912 - 3615,6%14,8%
£3,000 - £4,99912 - 6014,9%14,3%
£5,000 - £7,49912 - 607,9%7,3%
£7,500 - £15,00012 - 606,5%6,1%
£15,001 - £25,00012 - 606,5%6,1%
£15,001 - £25,00061 - 847,4%6,8%
£15,001 - £25,00085 - 1208,4%7,9%
£25,001 - £35,00012 - 848,4%7,9%

Please note that the APR listed in the table is typical, but it can vary based on the loan amount and your personal circumstances. Maximum APR can go up to 34.5%.

Here's an example of your possible loan: Imagine you borrow £5,800 from Tesco Bank for five years. With a fixed interest rate of 7.3% (for Clubcard holders), your monthly payment would be just £115.02. In the end, you'd repay a total of £6,901.20. That's what it looks like in action!

Loan Features

  1. Clubcard Prices: If you're a Clubcard member, you can access better rates, making the loans more affordable.
  2. Payment Flexibility: The bank allows overpayments and early repayments with no extra fees, providing an opportunity to save on interest.
  3. Payment Break Option: Eligible borrowers can apply for a 2-month payment break at the start of the loan, though interest will still accrue.
  4. Same Day Funds: In some cases, you could receive loan funds in your account within 2 hours of approval.
  5. Joint Loans: Available for partners, relatives, or friends, with joint responsibility for repayment.

Accessibility and Eligibility

Tesco Bank's loans are accessible to UK residents aged 18 and over. However, approval isn't guaranteed and depends on your credit score and financial situation. It's also reassuring that the bank offers an Eligibility Checker to gauge your chances of approval without affecting your credit score.

Things to Consider

While Tesco Bank provides various attractive features, it's crucial to understand the implications of taking out a loan:

  • Longer terms mean more interest: Although spreading repayments over a longer period can lower monthly payments, it typically increases the total interest paid.
  • Credit Score Impact: Your credit score plays a significant role in loan approval and the offered interest rate.
  • Financial Planning: Ensure that the loan repayments fit comfortably within your budget to avoid financial strain.

Customer Feedback on Tesco Bank

Tesco Bank has garnered a significant number of reviews, indicating a wide range of customer interactions. As of December 2023, with 17,969 reviews on Trustpilot, the institution boasts an impressive overall rating.

Overall Rating and Review Count

  • Overall Rating: 4.2 out of 5
  • Total Reviews: 17,969

The distribution of reviews based on star ratings is as follows:


A majority of Tesco Bank's reviews are positive, with 61% receiving five-star ratings, indicating satisfaction with their efficient service and personal loans.

However, among the 18% of one-star reviews, customers frequently mention slow and unsatisfactory service. This range of opinions showcases the diverse experiences of the bank's clientele.


Tesco Bank's loan offerings are diverse and flexible, catering to a wide range of financial needs. With competitive rates, especially for Clubcard members, and various borrower-friendly features, these loans are worth considering. 

However, as with any financial commitment, it's crucial to assess your personal circumstances, understand the full terms, and plan accordingly to ensure that a loan from Tesco Bank is the right choice for you.

Please Note: This content is based on information as of January 2024. For the latest updates and specific terms, we recommend contacting Tesco Bank directly by visiting their website.