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  • Pre-qualification Options: Certain lending partners within the network offer pre-qualification using a soft credit check, allowing applicants to gauge their eligibility and potential loan terms without affecting their credit score.
  • Rate Discounts with Auto Payments: Some network lenders extend rate discounts to borrowers who set up automatic payments, potentially reducing the overall cost of the loan.
  • No Origination Fees: Applicants benefit from the absence of origination fees, eliminating an additional upfront cost often associated with loans.
  • Online Application: The platform offers a fully online application process, catering to applicants who prefer the convenience and accessibility of digital submissions.
  • Co-Borrower or Co-Signer Options: In nearly all cases, permits the inclusion of co-borrowers or co-signers, which can enhance eligibility and potentially secure more favorable loan terms.
  • Limited Geographic Availability: The service is not available to residents of Hawaii or Alaska, limiting access for individuals residing in these states.
  • Weekend Customer Service: Customer service is not accessible on weekends, which may inconvenience applicants or borrowers seeking assistance during these days.
  • Lack of Spanish Website: The platform does not provide a Spanish-language version of its website, potentially excluding Spanish-speaking individuals or those more comfortable navigating in Spanish.
Apply Loan, established in 2003, operates as a direct lending marketplace that serves as an intermediary, gathering loan offers from up to four lenders on behalf of loan applicants. This platform facilitates connections between borrowers and a broad spectrum of auto loan types, encompassing loans for new and used car dealer purchases, private party purchase loans, refinance loans, and lease buyout loans. prides itself on providing substantial transparency through its website, where it displays interest rates, general qualification criteria, and comprehensive FAQs.

The application process on involves matching applicants with potential lenders through a soft credit inquiry, which has no impact on the applicant's credit score. Subsequently, applicants receive up to four approved loan offers, enabling them to select the lender they wish to proceed with. Upon choosing a lender's offer, the selected lender may initiate a hard credit inquiry. is particularly well-suited for individuals who:

  1. Seek Multiple Loan Options: Applicants can streamline the loan application process by submitting a single application and subsequently receive up to four lender offers to compare and choose from.
  2. Value Swift Approval: ;Most marketplace lenders, including, typically grant swift loan approval, often shortly after the application submission.
  3. Are Open to Contact from Multiple Lenders: As applicants share their personal information, they may expect direct communication from the lenders associated with their loan offers.

lease note that collaborates with various lenders, and the information presented here is intended as a general overview, which may encompass a range of interest rates and terms available through their partnering lenders.


  1. Minimum Annual Gross Income: Applicants must have a minimum annual gross income of $26,100.
  2. Maximum Debt-to-Income Ratio: Specific details regarding the maximum debt-to-income ratio are not provided and may vary among lending partners.
  3. Bankruptcy-Related Restrictions: To be eligible, applicants must have a bankruptcy status that is either discharged or dismissed.