Clearpay BNPL
  • Highly rated by users
  • Simple payment plan
  • Automatic payments for convenience
  • Only one type of payment plan available
  • Risk of incurring late fees
  • First payment at purchase, no "try before buy"

Clearpay, a financial service that has been changing the way people shop in the UK, allows consumers to make purchases now and pay for them later, interest-free. Originating as Afterpay's British counterpart, Clearpay has become a popular choice for budget-savvy shoppers looking for flexibility in managing their spending.

How Clearpay Works

The process is straightforward. When shopping online or in-store at participating retailers, you can choose Clearpay at checkout. The total cost is split into four equal instalments, with the first due at the time of purchase. The remaining three payments are deducted from your bank account every two weeks, automating the repayment without charging interest or upfront fees.

Sign-Up Simplified

To start using Clearpay, you need to be over 18 and shop at a retailer that offers Clearpay as a payment option. Setting up an account is quick, requiring just an email address, phone number, and a payment card linked to your account.

Late Payment Conditions: A Closer Look

  • Initial Late Fee: A £6 fee is charged for missed instalments, ensuring timely payments.
  • Fee Caps for Small Purchases: For purchases under £24, late fees are capped at £6, protecting small transactions from excessive penalties.
  • Higher Purchase Late Fee Structure: For orders over £24, an initial £6 fee applies if payment is delayed by a day, with another £6 added if payment is still outstanding after 7 days.
  • Maximum Late Fee Limit: Fees won’t exceed 25% of the order's value or £36, whichever is lower, limiting the financial impact on the consumer.

Clearpay's Popularity and Trustworthiness

Clearpay has seen significant growth in popularity, with hundreds of thousands of app downloads in the UK alone. Customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the platform's ease of use and efficient customer service. Moreover, Clearpay is PCI DSS certified, ensuring high standards of data security and trust.

The Benefits of Using Clearpay

  • Zero Interest and No Fees

Clearpay stands out by offering a no-interest payment plan. As long as payments are made on time, there are no additional fees, making it an attractive option for spreading out the cost of purchases without paying extra.

  • Instant Gratification

Unlike traditional layaway services, Clearpay pays the retailer upfront, meaning your orders are shipped immediately after the first instalment is paid. This feature allows you to enjoy your purchases right away while still managing your budget over time.

Risks and Considerations

While Clearpay offers numerous benefits, it's crucial for consumers to assess their financial situation to avoid potential pitfalls like overspending or late fees.


Clearpay is ideal for shoppers looking for an easy and interest-free way to spread the cost of their purchases. With its user-friendly platform and automatic payment system, it's designed to simplify your shopping experience. However, it's crucial to consider your ability to meet the payment schedule to avoid late fees.

Before choosing Clearpay, assess your financial situation and ensure you can comfortably afford the instalments. By doing so, you can take advantage of the flexibility and convenience offered by Clearpay without the worry of unexpected charges.

Please Note: This content is based on information as of February 2024. For the latest updates and specific terms, we recommend contacting Clearpay directly by visiting their website.

Frequently asked questions

What is Clearpay's revenue model given that they do not impose interest charges?

Clearpay generates revenue primarily through merchant fees. Retailers pay Clearpay a commission for each transaction processed, as they benefit from increased sales and customer order values. This model allows Clearpay to offer interest-free installment plans to consumers.

What happens if I miss a payment with Clearpay?

If you miss a payment, Clearpay charges a late fee to encourage timely repayments. For purchases under £24, the late fee is capped at £6. For orders over £24, an initial £6 fee is charged if the payment is a day late, with an additional £6 added if the payment is still outstanding after 7 days. The maximum late fee won't exceed 25% of the order's value or £36, whichever is lower.

Can anyone use Clearpay?

To use Clearpay, you must be over 18 years old, a resident of the UK, and shopping at a retailer that offers Clearpay as a payment option. You also need to have a valid email address, phone number, and a payment card to link to your account.

How does Clearpay affect my credit score?

Clearpay may perform a soft credit check when you create an account or make a purchase to ensure you can afford the repayments. However, these checks are not reported to credit agencies and do not impact your credit score. Clearpay states that as long as payments are made on time, using their service will not affect your credit score. It's important to note, though, that failing to meet payment schedules could result in debt collection activities, which may affect your credit score.

What’s the maximum amount I can spend with Clearpay?

The spending limit with Clearpay varies depending on factors such as your payment history and the length of time you have been using Clearpay. New users may have a lower limit, which can increase over time with consistent, timely payments. For specific limits, it's best to check directly with Clearpay as these can vary.

Are there any retailers that don’t accept Clearpay?

Yes, not all retailers accept Clearpay. Clearpay is continuously expanding its network of partner retailers, but availability depends on whether the retailer has chosen to integrate Clearpay as a payment option. You can find a list of participating retailers on Clearpay's website or look for the Clearpay payment option at checkout on the retailer's site.